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How We Communicate

As Exodus continues to grow, we want to be sure that you are well connected into our communication stream and that you get all the information you need about what’s going on at Exodus. With that in mind, here’s how we communicate at Exodus.

We rarely use snail mail.  We use the mail for things like sending giving receipts, paying bills, or direct mail to alert the general public to a special event (such as the Easter invite card). Almost everything else happens electronically.

The website is the public face of Exodus. This is where anyone and everyone can learn what Exodus is all about. There is information about the church, dates for special events, podcasts of each Sunday’s sermon, blogs on various topics of information as well as inspiration. We work hard to keep the website relevant, accurate, and up-to-date.

Realm is our primary means of internal communications. “Family” is the name of the game here. People post everything from prayer requests to items for sale here. We coordinate various kinds of outreach. Our community groups keep in touch between meetings. Needs within the church are posted on Realm. There are many different groups here for a wide variety of special interests. Whether you are a member or still considering it, Realm keeps you connected in a more intimate way. This is why it is also important to keep your Realm profile current; it’s a key way that we connect with individuals. Post a head shot of yourself, and make your number and address public to other members so they can reach you and learn to recognize you. If you don’t know for sure who someone is, but need to get in touch, try sending a message on Realm.

If you’re not already on Realm, ask someone to help you with that at the information desk on a Sunday morning. Set a reminder on your smart phone or computer to check both the website (www.theexoduschurch.org) and Realm regularly. Get connected…so you don’t miss any of what God is doing at Exodus.