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Better When Shared: How Bible study helps us enjoy and understand God’s Word

by | Feb 26, 2021 | Events, News

Just as God gives us food to sustain our bodies, he provides his word as life to our hearts. 

While we might start most days with a quick breakfast on our own, we savor the chance to sit down with friends for a special meal. We enjoy our food more when we can share it. 

The same thing is true of the Bible. Many of us struggle to keep up a consistent Bible reading habit. Maybe this is because we’re trying to do something alone that we’re supposed to do together. After all, if we had to prepare and clean up every meal of every day by ourselves, we’d probably have a lot less motivation to eat, too. When we sit down to share with friends and family—whether it’s dinner or Bible study—we get so much more from the experience than we would on our own. 

This is why I enjoy Bible study so much, and why I’d encourage you to join our Exodus Women’s spring Bible study, which starts March 1. 

Sharing God’s word with others allows me to truly savor it, as I learn from the women around the table, hearing how God has taught and encouraged them. Each week, we spend time reading on our own, then we meet together in small groups to discuss what we’ve learned and what we have questions about. Finally, one of our teachers reviews the passage, tying it together with some ideas for application. 

To keep up the food analogy, think of our Bible study schedule as eating on your own at home (personal study), enjoying a meal with friends who have all brought something to share (small discussion groups), and then going out to a restaurant where someone has spent time preparing the food for you, presenting it as beautifully as possible (large group teaching). We need each kind of meal in our lives, and we need each kind of Bible study. 

Our study this spring is “The Psalms of David: After God’s Heart.” We’ll be looking at eight psalms written by David, along with the passage from 1 or 2 Samuel that inspired him to write that prayer.

As we study, we’ll learn about prayer and how God is a place of refuge for us when we’re struggling or afraid. In the process, we’ll be encouraged towards honesty with God, ourselves, and others, so we can grow in our emotional health. We’ll also become more confident in our study skills, as a major goal of Bible study is to grow in our desire to read and study for ourselves.

Our first group starts meeting March 1, but we have several options at different times and locations throughout the week. 

It’s not too late to sign up. Click here for more info and to register.

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