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A Response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

by | Mar 12, 2020 | Blog


How does Exodus handle sanitation?

Each week we have a cleaning crew come for a thorough cleaning of the building. During this time, we will also be extra vigilant in sanitizing all of the computers, door handles, and water fountains.

Do we have hand sanitizer?

We have some hand sanitizer already and we are working to get more, but we, like everyone else, are having trouble finding it. People are encouraged to wash their hands frequently, which has been shown to be much more effective against COVID-19 than hand sanitizer.

What are we doing in Exodus Kids?

We have a number of policies in place for Exodus Kids that we follow at all times to avoid issues with germs of all kinds. Our Exodus Kids rooms are sanitized each week, including all the toys. Children and caregivers clean their hands with a sanitizing wipe upon entering the Exodus Kids space. We have a well-child policy that we follow and ask all parents to follow as well. Thankfully, children have been shown to be particularly resilient to COVID-19, but we are continuing to be vigilant.

Are we going to change communion?

We already have an option for communion that honors those with compromised immunity. We will continue to have the normal cup and wafers, but we will have more of the single-serve cups available. They are sealed and have juice in the cup and a wafer in the lid.

Is there anything else I’ll see that’s different?

We’re going to take the precaution of removing the bowl of peppermints to address that potential source of contamination with many people putting their hands in the bowl. Mints will still be available, you’ll just need to ask the greeters at the Info Desk and they will happily give you one.

What if things get worse with COVID-19?

We are continuing to monitor the situation and listening closely to the CDC and recommendations from local officials and physicians. We will continually reevaluate our response and take further steps as appropriate. We do not want to respond in fear to this virus, but we do acknowledge that there are many unknowns in this situation and we will take all reasonable precautions.

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